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Moringa hair mask & Moringa hair shampoo

Moringa hair mask & Moringa hair shampoo

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Introducing the Moringa Haircare Range: Transform Your Hair with Nature's Nourishment

Discover the secret to luscious and healthy hair with our Moringa Haircare Range. Enriched with the powerful benefits of Moringa, a miracle plant known for its exceptional hair-nourishing properties, our collection of shampoo, hair butter, and hair mask offers a holistic haircare experience like no other.

1. Moringa Haircare Shampoo:
Infused with the natural goodness of Moringa extracts, our shampoo is meticulously crafted to cleanse and revitalize your hair from root to tip. Formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients, this luxurious shampoo removes impurities, excess oils, and product build-up, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and revitalized. The Moringa extracts work their magic by nourishing and strengthening your hair follicles, promoting healthier hair growth and restoring natural shine. Prepare to indulge in a gentle cleansing experience that breathes new life into your locks.

2. Moringa Hair Mask:
Experience the ultimate pampering session for your hair with our Moringa Hair Mask. This exquisite treatment is specially formulated to revive and rejuvenate your hair, providing intense hydration, repair, and restoration. Infused with a potent blend of Moringa leaf powder and other hair-loving ingredients, our hair mask deeply nourishes, strengthens, and detangles your locks. Bid farewell to frizz and dullness as this transformative mask helps restore your hair's natural beauty, leaving it silky smooth, glossy, and full of life.

With our Moringa Haircare Range, we have combined the wisdom of nature with scientific expertise to create a truly transformative haircare experience. Embrace the power of Moringa and unlock the secret to healthier, more vibrant hair. Pamper yourself with our luxurious shampoo, hair butter, and hair mask, and witness the remarkable difference that Moringa can make in your haircare routine. Rediscover confidence in your crowning glory as you indulge in the nourishing embrace of Moringa's natural wonders.

How To use?

  • Gently massage shampoo on wet hair and then rinse it off.
  • Apply hair mask on Damp hair after shampoo. leave it for 5-10 mins and rinse off.


benefits of using a Moringa hair care range that includes butter, mask, and shampoo:

  1. Nourishes and strengthens hair: Moringa butter is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, E, and zinc, which nourish the hair follicles, promoting healthier and stronger hair. Regular use of Moringa butter-based products can help reduce hair breakage and improve overall hair health.
  2. Deeply moisturizes and hydrates: Moringa butter is an excellent natural moisturizer that helps to deeply hydrate the hair and scalp. The butter's emollient properties seal in moisture, preventing dryness and frizz, and leaving the hair soft, smooth, and manageable.
  3. Repairs damaged hair: The high content of amino acids and antioxidants in Moringa butter helps to repair and protect damaged hair. It can restore vitality to hair that has been exposed to heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental stressors, leaving it looking healthier and more lustrous.
  4. Stimulates hair growth: Moringa contains nutrients that support hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp and providing the necessary nourishment to the hair follicles. Regular use of Moringa hair care products can help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
  5. Soothes the scalp: Moringa butter has soothing properties that can help alleviate scalp irritation and dryness. It can calm itchy scalp conditions and reduce inflammation, providing relief to those with sensitive or problematic scalps.
  6. Provides natural shine: Moringa butter's natural sheen-enhancing properties can help add a healthy and radiant shine to the hair. It smooths the hair cuticles, enhancing light reflection and making the hair appear more vibrant and glossy.
  7. Suitable for all hair types: Whether you have curly, straight, oily, or dry hair, Moringa hair care products can benefit all hair types. The lightweight nature of Moringa butter ensures that it does not weigh down the hair or leave it feeling greasy.
  8. Natural and chemical-free: Moringa hair care products are often formulated with natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. This makes them a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for your hair

Key Ingredients

Moringa Hair Shampoo: Water, Glycerol, Panthenol,
Sorbitol, Poly7, Cocoglucoside, Moringa extract, Moringa infused oil, Decyl glycoside, Sci 85, Xanthan, Silk protein, Wheat protein, Iscaguard

Moringa Hair Mask: (Aqua) Water, glycerin, Poly 7, Poly80
Propandiol, (Vitellaria paradoxa) Shea butter, (Prunus dulcis) Almond oil, Moringa oil, (Moringa oleifera) Moringa extract, Btms 50, Cetyl alcohol, Cetrimonium chloride, (Salvia rosmarinus) Rosemary extract, ()Nigella sativa Blackseed oil, Preservative


Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Do not consume. For external use only.

“Our mission is to provide high quality products that are not tested on animals and are completely safe for the environment.”

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