Shipping & returns

Return of Order

We did not expect a return though!!!
  1. Do not accept a damaged packaged product from delivery agent.Reject it at your doorstep only and drop us a note so that we can replace an order on your behalf.
  2. In case of rough handling , immediately report the same with product photographs so that we can report same to courier company and request a return.We will work on it with courier company and arrange an exchange.
  3. All orders are packed under tight supervision , but any missing /lost product must be reported immediately with relevant video/photographs for us to check our camera recordings.

As our products are a blend of science and natural ingredients , it may be noticed that some colour changes in product are normal due to environmental conditions, temperature changes,weather , moisture . Do not panic , as the products are safe to use.

 We recommend a patch test before use of products. Though we formulate all products carefully , but in case of any irritation or redness, immediately discontinue the use of product.


 As we are growing and evolving each day as a company, We might modify the outlook of products. Any change in packaging, labels or containers is just to enhance user experience. The product quality and efficiency is always kept same.


    "Breaking the conventional beauty standards is what Blimey believes in. We feel beauty come in all shape, size, and color. Blimey brings a range of natural and organic beauty products that makes you feel beautiful without changing who you are."

    MISSION -: 

    Our mission is to help you celebrate who you are, no matter what your style is.


    We are here to redefine the beauty standards and help you feel comfortable in your skin. From everyday makeup to glam girl look, boho to classy,  bold to subtle, whatever look you choose, we are here to make you embrace your individuality.