The Right Way To Heal Chapped Lips Is To Use a Lip Mask

Just as our skin requires care; so do our lips. The skin over our lips is thinner than the rest of the body. However, lips do not make a priority in terms of make-up, healthcare, and winter care routines.

Ignoring lips may result in chapped lips, which keep one uncomfortable during winters. Chapped lips sometimes lead to bleeding, and further prevent one from using makeup. Since the lips are chapped, one is worried that wearing makeup is going to worsen the condition. At other times, one is just not comfortable enough to use makeup, so one chooses to go without makeup.

The right way to heal chapped lips is to use a lip mask -:

A lip mask comes in several formats, such as a wide-necked plastic bottle. Ideally, the lip mask should be used before retiring for bed. One should make this a year-round routine.

The maximum healing of the body takes place at night. So, using a lip mask is going to accentuate the healing.

Using lip masks becomes particularly important during the winter season. During the winters, the low temperatures make it difficult for the lips to retain moisture. So, when one applies a lip mask at night, it shields the lips against losing moisture. Similarly, a good lip mask is going to be full of good, natural moisturizers. So the lips feel comfortable and one sleeps better.

Using a lip mask further becomes important when one uses makeup frequently or every day. Matte products, when worn all day make the lips feel dry, chapped, and uncomfortable. So the right way to manage your matte lipstick is to remove it gently before retiring for bed using cotton. Then, after cleansing your lips using water and drying them, using a lip mask should make a quintessential part of your makeup routine.

The right way to go about it is by using a spatula that is likely to come with your lip mask pack.

One should take a scoop of the lip mask using the spatula and apply it gently over the lips. Spread evenly and generously across the lip, and that’s nearly about it. If you do not feel like using a spatula for using the lip mask, then using your fingers is likely to work as good.

Another one of the key advantages that come with using a lip mask is that they are not just fit to use for the night. Instead, you could use the product during the day just before progressing with your makeup routine.

Matte lipsticks and lip glosses do have some moisturizers, but wearing them through the day could still become uncomfortable at times, especially if one’s lips are already chapped. A lip mask hence makes the perfect base to wear one’s lipstick over.

So, you could try using a little bit of lip mask just before you apply your lipstick. This will enhance the presentation of the lipstick as well. In case you intend to use lip gloss, then a lip mask will still form the perfect base for the same.

One of the noteworthy benefits of using a lip mask is that it is remarkably easy to use. It is not one of the selections in a makeup routine that take time, such as eye makeup, for instance. Instead, applying a lip mask is quick and easy, and does not take over a few seconds. Similarly, with the benefits that a lip mask promotes, it should make an integral part of one’s makeup routine. i.e, just like one brushes one’s teeth before retiring for bed, one should apply a lip mask as well, as it will keep the lips healthier.

A lip mask works well for everyone, but more so if one has delicate skin. Overall, using a lip mask is all about TLC that you owe to yourself. It's a remarkably refreshing experience that nurtures the lips and keeps them healthy while rejuvenating the senses!

Why choose Blimey’s Lip mask?

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Blimey Lip Mask product promotes ease and comfort, along with a great night's sleep, and is usable through seasons. Moisturizing the lips makes them appear plumper and is one of the essentials for your makeup routine!

Around the year, many women choose to go out without too much makeup because their lips feel charred and chippy. But by using Blimey Lip Mask, this situation can be avoided entirely. Just apply the Blimey Lip Mask before retiring for bed, and in the morning, you'd be delighted to try out just about any makeup style.

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