The Only Lip Balm You Need For Soft and Pink Lips

There is something about waking up to naturally soft and pink lips versus having to deal with dry and cracked lips all the time. Lip balm is your knight in shining armor when everything fails to heal your dry and cracked lips. The skin of our lips is one of the thinnest on the entire body and hence needs all the pampering. And yet, you can't be sporting a bland-looking chapstick all the time, especially when you have to step out. But, worry not, it is not so difficult to take care of them when you have a rounder - Blimey Lip Balm. 

Skin Friendly and Cruelty-Free Lip Balm 

We know your skin is precious and so we went out of the way to bring to you a lip balm for pink lips. It rehydrates, makes your lips supple, crease-free, and is infused with ingredients that are good for your skin, inside out. Here is what you will get in your lip balm - 

Almond Oil - Almond oil is loaded with Vitamin A, E and K. It is known to have antioxidants that keep the lips looking young and soft. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property of almond oil is a boon for chapped lips. 

Castor Oil - The skin of your lips is super thin and hence loses out moisture easily. Tadaa! Comes in castor oil, which is a natural humectant. A humectant helps the body retain its moisture by not allowing loss of water and promoting long stay hydration. 

Beeswax - Not only is Beeswax a great humectant, but its hero quality is that it is a natural exfoliator. This lip balm for pink lips gets rid of the dead skin gradually and naturally without damaging them.  

Cocoa Butter - Oh the humble and yet so divine cocoa butter! Not enough can be said about this star ingredient. The chapstick hence ensures your lips stay plump, smooth, and have a natural shine.  

Vitamin E - While beeswax helps slough off the dead skin, Vitamin E aids in generating new skin cells. The oil is known to encourage circulation that makes your lips look healthy and pink. 

Natural Flavor Oil - Experience divine smell and taste with natural flavor oils. 

6 Lip Balm Shades For Pink and Soft Lips 

Coral - This coral color will make your lips look like soft petals. It will give a hint of a naturally luscious pink look to your lips. 

Crimson -  This hint of deep red bordering maroon should be your pick if you love all shades of pink and red. 

Nude Pink - If natural is your choice of look, then this is the pick for you. The ideal lip balm for pink lips, wear it below your lip color or stand alone for a soft and gentle look. 

Soulful - On days, your mood is Sufi, pick this gentle nude tinted chapstick. A great pick if you are looking for something moisturizing to apply under your lipstick. Keep your lips looking hydrated and crease-free while you wear any lip color of your choice. 

Stoic - If classy is your style then stoic is only going to add oomph to your style statement. It’s dark but doesn’t stand out and gels well with any look. Summer or winter, harsh weather or windy, this one is an allrounder.  

Superb Pink - Add a dash of pink with soft and supple lips with this gorgeous pink. If bright is what you like, glide this on your lips to glam up your gorgeous face. 

This power-packed lip balm is a wonder if you are looking for the ultimate skincare product for soft, supple, and pink lips. Find them easily on your favorite shopping platform as well, you will find us on - Flipkart, Meesho, Amazon, Nykaa, and Purple. What are you waiting for? Pucker up your lips all around the year with these beautifully tinted lip balms, today!

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