Moms You Can Now Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally!

Naturally, heal pregnancy stretch marks with oil that builds skin elasticity, and helps it expand without damaging the skin cells forever. Safe to use stretch marks removal oil made with love for all women who are embarking on the momentous journey of pregnancy.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful yet challenging journeys for a woman. While you prepare to bring beautiful life to this world, there is one thing you forget about. Take care of yourself! Your body goes through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally, and not just others but you also tend to ignore yourself. 

Did you know 8 out of 10 pregnant women have stretch marks during their pregnancy? 

Some may have light marks while some may have deep marks that stand out. Alas! Many of us stop wearing our favorite outfits lest they may flaunt the stretch marks! All you need is this stretch marks removal oil and consistency in applying it to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy. Wondering how? Allow us to introduce this miracle stretch marks oil by Blimey that will take care of any kind of marks on your body. 

What makes a good stretch mark oil?

Stretch marks appear when your skin stretches more than usual. This is why they are common when women gain weight during pregnancy or otherwise as well. It is not just about the marks, because this stretching of skin also leads to a sensation of continuous urge to scratch and discomfort. 

So, a good stretch mark oil should not just be able to fix the scars; but also hydrate and moisturize skin. Well-hydrated skin will always have a lesser tendency to break when it stretches beyond its limit. 

On that note, remember that your stomach, breast, hips, and legs need stretch mark oil as soon as you get the news of pregnancy, and you might just avoid getting those marks at all. 

This stretch marks removal oil by Blimey is loaded with chia seed oil, sunflower oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate oil, neroli oil, mandarin oil, and lavender essential oil.  

All You Need To Know About Blimey Stretch Marks Removal Oil 

Pamper your body every day with this oil to keep those stretch marks away. Dear moms, you like mother nature have the most important task at hand, to bring to the world and nurture babies. And for that, you put aside all your worries and troubles and focus on the new life. We want to be there for you and make your journey more beautiful by ensuring your skin stays marks free, soft, and supple as always. So that, you do not suffer even an iota of loss of confidence. 

Our stretch marks oil helps women naturally heal from pregnancy stretch marks. It is infused with the goodness of: 

chia seed oil: Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, chia seed oil helps to build skin elasticity. The more hydrated and elastic your skin is the fewer chances of visible damage to your skin because of stretching. 

sunflower oil: It helps maintain elasticity and encourages simultaneous skin repair, thus reducing the chances of getting stretch marks. The skin renewal property of sunflower oil makes it an elixir for getting rid of any type of scars and marks on the body. 

rosehip oil: Rosehip oil is known to have a wealth of linoleic and oleic acid. These help hydrate and protect the skin barrier. It does not clog pores. 

Jojoba oil: Skin absorbs jojoba oil very quickly because of its close resemblance to the sebum produced by the body. It penetrates deep into the multiple layers of your skin, and provides it with the necessary nutrients, to keep it soft and supple.

pomegranate oil: Not many are aware that pomegranate oil is loaded with Omega 5 and Punicic acid. These are relatively unknown ingredients that have the miracle property to protect the skin cells from damage. 

neroli oil: Extracted from bitter orange, this is cytophylactic, which means it promotes cell regeneration and helps in increasing skin elasticity. It considerably reduces any kind of stretch marks and scars around breasts, hips, legs, and stomach.

mandarin oil: Combined with Neroli and Lavender oil, Mandarin is the perfect blend to visibly fix pregnancy stretch marks. 

Lavender oil: lavender, in books of natural healing, is known to have calming properties. It has miraculous healing properties making it a must-have in this stretch marks removal oil. 

Quick tips on how to use stretch marks removal oil

Start using it as early as 3 months because even though it is not visible but your skin is stretching every day 
Gently massage it on areas that will tend to get stretch marks, that is breasts, hips, legs, and stomach
The trimester you are in should be the number of times you should apply it to your body in a day
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