Does Lip Balm Make Lips Smooth and Pink?

Low humidity levels and chilly winter winds are never going to do any good to the lips. They always tend to chap the lips.

Many women carry a stick of lip balm in their purses. They apply the stick several times a day to their lips to reduce the vulnerability of the lips to the elements. There are others who stay doubly sure regarding their skincare regime and see to it that they make their lips a part of it. They use a bottle of lip balm and apply it over their lips, at least twice a day.

A lip balm essentially makes a must for your winter care routine and keeps the lips soft, smooth and supple.

Why go for a lip balm?

 Your lip balm is going to meet a range of winter care-related requirements for your lips. It renders additional moisture, protection in winters, and nourishment. We can take a look at a few of the top benefits associated with lip balms in this article.

  1. Supple Lips

Dry lips tend to induce discomfort. In such cases, the appearance of the lips is thinner and the lines are emphasized further still. Keeping the lips moisturized hence becomes important. This will render plumpness to your pout and soften up the lines as well. Lip balm is often perceived as essential for keeping the lips supple and youthful.

  1. Protects new skin cells

While at sleep, the temperature of lips rises and puts them in a better position to flush out any toxins and produce new cells. As a direct result, the lips tend to lose moisture at night. This makes the lip balm an essential product to use overnight. This will keep the lips moisturized while the toxins are flushed out as well. New skin cells are produced at this hour.

  1. A matchless sheen

A lip balm is not only to be used before retiring for bed. One can use it in the mornings, or at any time before venturing outdoor. This will add a unique charisma to your appearance with a matchless sheen over the lips.

  1. Overcome chapped lips that tend to become painful

The key benefit of using a lip balm is that one is then not required to deal with lips that are chapped and painful. These are the side effects of the lips becoming excessively dry. When lips run out of hydration, flaking could begin at any time. At times, it so turns out to be that lips begin to bleed. This is a painful experience. But, by using a lip balm, one can overcome pains of this nature.

  1. Make the lipstick look more attractive

One may choose to go for applying lipstick as it is. But matte products, when used for longer durations tend to make the lips dry and uncomfortable. A way around it is to apply the lip balm below your lipstick. First, apply the lip balm, and then the lipstick over it. One of the recommended ways to go about it is to make sure that you apply only a thin layer of lip balm to start with. Then, when the layer of lip balm dries off, apply your lipstick on the lip balm.

  1. Using a lip balm comes with a few hidden advantages

Your lip balm will typically resolve a range of issues for you. Many people apply lip balm over their noses which prevents the skin over the nose from becoming chapped and dry during the winters. In numerous cases, it is athletes and runners who apply the lip balm over their noses when they go running during the winters. It helps them manage the chilly wind better.

With the numerous benefits that it promotes, lip balm should definitely make it to your list of beauty essentials. Blimey’s Chapstick is one of the key selections among lip balms for your discretion and the product that you should be buying among the lot.

Blimey’s ChapStick safeguards lips against the sun's harmful rays but is ideally purposed to be a daily moisturizer for the lips. The product keeps dry and chapped lips comfortable during the winters and promotes a youthful and supple look every day.

Blimey’s ChapStick enhances our lives in the most demonstrable ways. The skin which we have over our lips is thinner than the skin over the rest of our bodies. This makes our lips vulnerable to the damage from chapping and dehydration.

But by using Blimey’s ChapStick, the lips heal quicker and stay well hydrated!

The problem of dry lips is likely to become worse when the lips are chapped. The lips, then, tend to appear thin. Blimey’s ChapStick makes your lips full and supple. With regular use of the product, lips keep looking good.

Frequent use of the product safeguards one against the elements. The product is then the ideal alternative to safeguard against sunburn over lips and heal sunburns.

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